Saturday, June 28, 2014

Midsummer refresh! Time to start over!

Tabula Rasa!

If you are reading this now, I am sorry that I haven't had much time to blog.  In the upcoming months, I will slowly be removing my blog entries from this site and transplanting them elsewhere.  I have my own webspace and I'm looking into expanding that for blogging.  Blogger has been a nice way to communicate my life here in Chicago, but I'm starting fresh with a clean slate.  I recently sent out a Newsletter to friends and family and it was great to receive feedback from several on it.  I will be posting that last one here but, as I stated, I will be slowly removing each one of my blog entries and transplanting them.  I don't know the timeframe yet for this; I'm looking into WordPress or my OWN custom made blog!  I'm doing this for many reasons; For one, I am not liking the Google SSO everywhere on the Internet.  It's getting out of hand, and I think it's becoming a security risk!  The transplantation of the blogs will move slowly and it depends on my time.  Work has gotten so busy lately. On top of that, I just haven't felt like blogging anything.  I'm having too much FUN here!  No, really, I'm having too much FUN to even think about blogging!

I have passed a two year mark with my life here in Chicago and I am loving it here.  Sure, it's still taking me time to get acquainted with the City and it's still a daily step, but I'm still moving forward, and trying not to look back!  I am still keeping my goals alive for this year.  I am not going to jump into everything all at once.  It's going to take time to find my niche and I'm constantly trying new stuff.  There is so much here to do.  So, expect to see one last blog here.  Thank you to all that have been reading them each month and thank you to all that have played a major positive support of my goals in Chicago!  Be sure to come back one last time to get details as to where I'll be posting blogs!

Eric Chatham.

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