Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fly The Friendly Skies

2018 Give Way!

Sky Castle in the Clouds!
Terminal Tower! Tower City!
Whiskey Island, Cleveland OH
May 29, 2018

Wings by 4Him
What's over my hand will soon be under my feet

2018 Give Way! A new journey begins. "Fly the friendly skies," United Airlines. Ok, here is a mystery. "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words." 1 Thessalonian 4:16-18.

Give me my wings! I'm ready to fly today. On May 25, 2018, right after I published my previous blog, The Known Unknown Hour, I got an offer for United Airlines, headquartered downtown Chicago in the Sears Tower. I will be starting as a Contractor with the company through Collabera with a conversion over to Full Time. It came down to two jobs to choose between actually. It's interesting how things work out. Not only was it GDPR Day for IT infrastructures, it was a day of flying the friendly skies. The photo I used for the header here is not a Chicago photo for once, lol. I need to show a little CLEVELAND LOVE Here and show some love for my "hometown roots." I took the photo during Memorial Day weekend when I visited my folks for the holiday.

What can I say? I'm very proud of my Cleveland roots! I still don my Indian colors here in Chicago where we have the Cubs. My actual Cleveland journey started for me in 1977. My family moved back to Cleveland and we were living in Hawaii. It was the first time living there for me. When I flew in for the first time, I remember my Mom leaning over me in the plane and saying, "Look, that's the Terminal Tower." We landed at night at Hopkins. I'm thankful that my Mom and Dad were able to raise a family in a great city. I remember it perfectly as if it were yesterday. Both my parents were born and raised there and if it weren't for them and many friendships there, I don't know where I'd be today. So, I'm taking time out today show some Cleveland pride! Thank you to you all! This photo was taken over Memorial weekend while I was visiting family for Memorial Day. Thanks all. Who ever said the Terminal Tower wasn't a Fairy Castle in the clouds???

New Journey lies ahead
Navy Pier, Chicago IL
December 8, 2017

Everything Comes Alive by We Are Messengers
I'll be with you in heavenly places...

Fly the friendly skies is not only the motto of United Airlines, but it's an homage to Heaven and it reminds me of a higher calling. This is a mystery but I hope it's comforting that it's friendly. With the new job starting up, it's a great feeling to be doing something more with my days. My first day was June 11 and, right away, I was introduced to new technologies. I was drawn to the job because of the new technologies which I hadn't worked with at any other job.

So, how do I move forward with this all now? I'm thankful for one friend coming back in my life after he learned I started a new job. Thanks CJ. Miss you man! He reached out to me and congratulated me, stating "hey, you were raw and you needed time after what happened at the last job... a good colleague and friend." His words! I explained to him as well that I did need time for myself and I needed time to renew my spirit. I never wanted to stop being friends. I think there is a tale of forgiveness in there as well. On top of that, I told him I did need some distance in all this and I thought he did too, so I respected the boundary. I knew it deep in my heart that this was the reason for the "silence" in our relationship. It felt good and reassuring when he reached out to me. It was just after May 21st.

There are people that apologize and mean it. 
All the more reason to demonstrate
the power of forgiveness.

There are some people, however, where I just have to put in God's hands. You know those moments when you shake your head at what people do to you? That was this month. I normally squint my eyes for the bright sun; however, I squint my eyes for stupid and foolish people too, and they're not bright at all! You think people understand who you are after having known them for so long, but that's not the case. Some people are center of attention seekers and they glory in it. I've never stood out. In fact, I highly doubt anyone viewing this blog will take the time to even read it or enjoy the pictures. I do this for ME! Writing and photography has always been a release and a creative outlet for me. If someone is reading this, thank you, and I hope the Lord blesses your life, the Truth in His Son, Jesus Christ!

It's my hope this blog blesses you! I don't get many readers here, but maybe by enlarging the fonts will help out lol. Plus, listen to some music too. Spotify has a free version where you can listen to music. You just need the Internet. My hope is you find this blog helpful and I've prayed how God can use me. These past couple months have been about Identity Lost! Identity Rediscovered in Him. It's also been about my 2018 New Year's theme which is God-centric not Me-centric. So, 2018 Give Way...

Sky Portal!
The skies open to new possibilities!
Grant Park, Chicago IL
June 21, 2017

Kyrie by Mr. Mister
God have mercy on me!

Where does this leave me now? Well, having a job is great; however, the thanks and glory [in this particular case] goes to God! Why? Well, it's obvious. Thursday, May 24th, I had to make a decision! Yeah, I had an interview on Friday, but I did not have an offer in my hand for the new job. The company hosting the job called me on Thursday and said, "Don't take any offers yet. We will have one for you soon. United wants you." This was rather difficult. I didn't have an offer and I had another interview lined up on Friday. I remember praying about it and I remember telling the other company hosting the second job, "...I don't want to play this would've could've game. I need to make a decision on what to do and stick with it." So, I prayed and asked God, and I BELIEVE He heard my prayer and helped. "Lord, I want your blessing on this. You want me to have a job. Where do you want me?"

God wants humility in our lives. He wants meekness. He wants love for people! Those are things that seemed to help direct me to call United back and say, "...ok, I'm standing by for that promised offer, even though I don't have it in my hand or signed. I cancelled my interview tomorrow." So, why United? Newer technologies, and those values I mentioned. Those values seemed to fit this new role more than the other one! On top of that, United's motto, "fly the friendly skies" is an homage to HEAVEN and a higher calling. This time, I prayed about the job and talked to God more about it. I don't remember doing that with the last job. I jumped in to quickly without giving it a second thought because it was the same friend I mentioned here. I explained this to him too, and he understood. "I don't think I really had God's blessing on that job," I told the friend. Yeah, if you're reading this by now, you might be able to know which friend I'm talking about.

My new manager is really cool, but I did learn a few things of sort the first week of the job. He's building an ENTIRELY brand new team in which I was the first person to be brought on. He's overwhelmed and he needs a new team to build a foundation for work and projects. He kept apologizing to the "bumpiness" in the hiring process. I watched though. This guy showed me his calendar, his meetings, his emails and WHOA, I get it now! He reassured that with a new team, he's going to divvy up work projects, train, and build something new. Already I was intrigued and wanted in. Some of the best jobs start off bumpy and, you know, that's where I can make a mark. A foundation. I didn't have that at the last job. I was the last one on the team, and it was already well established. "Why am I here?" I would think in the end of that job. Am I truly wanted here? With this new job, it is my highest hope for being a part of starting something brand new! Something fresh. A new journey! A journey in clouds!

There's gonna be great awakening, there's gonna be a great revival in our land!
Caught in the downpour!
Chicago River, Chicago IL
August 24, 2017

The Great Awakening by 65dBA
And, everyone, that calls on Jesus, they will be saved.

"Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still." Psalm 4

Some of the best moments talking to God are at night laying back on my bed. I adopted Psalm 4 during my "unemployment" period. I believe I became a believer back in 1992 and I've been convicted about “when was the last time you read his word… prayed… gone to church… months… turn into years.” That’s me! I have never met Him in person, but the message meant something to me. I note September 13, 1992 as the days "my eyes were opened." Some people don't remember dates. I do. I have somewhat of an eidetic memory. Sometimes, my best prayers are just "being still and letting Him be God." We don't know how to pray. Sometimes I pray with "groanings." Regardless, bed time at nights have been awe stirring moments these past couple months being unemployed. Why? It's the quietest time of the day without the cares or worries of the day. Sometimes, God brings me to my knees! Last month, I shared a prayer of mine concerning this.

I’ve been seeking God more and yet I still struggle with bitterness and anger. I’ve been going before God in prayer lately with fear… fear of judgement and most of all, unworthiness. I’ve confessed my sins to God and asked for his forgiveness by the blood of Jesus who is the only One who can save me from this ugliness. Yet, I still struggle. I think I delved too deeply into my sin at one point and opened dark doors. I want to be free! I DO believe Jesus has died for my sins and he paid for my sins on the cross! I do believe in His resurrection and always go to THOMAS for the reaction when I read from His Word! I live in Chicago. It’s a tough city with crime, anger and bitterness all around. It affects me but I try to live to the “greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world.” I battle my doubts all the time in my mind, and most often when I pray, it’s “God, I don’t know my heart!” He sees right through it.

I attended church service at Addison Community Church on Penetecost Sunday (May 20) and I was blessed by the people, pastor and the word. I plan on going back. I love photography and writing! There has to be a way God can use this! I’ve been following your sermons each night. I’m also praying about my laziness as well. I’m so TIRED all the time! Once again, thank you so much for your ministry online. I am not sure if there is a BBC in Chicago. The last church I attended was filled with younger people. I’m in my 40s, so it was hard to fit in. Please pray for me. I am just so TIRED! I’ve been convicted of the ugliness of my sexual sin and I’m repenting of this. I know the Lord wants me to do this in my life. Lately, with the world events, I’ve just trembled in spirit of His holiness. I want to please Him and I want to express my love. I want the bitterness and the anger to go away! I want that joy I had when I first prayed to Him to save me back in the 90s. I want that soft heart. I’m nothing and I’m sick of the devil putting thoughts in my head! I want Him to call me friend.

I've struggled with my own sin and disobedience towards God. This is a HATE in me. Yeah, keep reading my blog for more on that word HATE and its proper place. I believe God brought me to a place of "trembling in the spirit" to His holiness lately. I need to put off the old self and put on the new self! Paul speaks about this conflict in Romans 7 which, if you know me, I've dubbed "DO-DAS." "For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I." Romans 7:15

For that which I do.. do-daa, do-daaaa
I allow not.

For what I would.. do-daaa, do-daaaa
that I do not

But what I HATE.. do-daaa, do-daaaa
that I do.

Through the dark and gloom, You're still there
Merchandise Mart
River North, Chicago IL
June 15, 2017

You're Still There by Newsboys
I lay on my bed. I try to sleep.

Do I need to sing it out to the tune of Camptown Races, lol? Jeff Korhorn, if you're reading, remember when we came up with this when reading Romans 7? Note the emphasis of HATE here. This tied in with my bible study for June in Ecclessiastes. Remember this if you continue reading my blog. I'm setting up what to hate and where to hate for later. The important thing Paul emphasized here was the struggle of sin, grace is by faith not works, BUT the LAW IS GOOD! How do we get out of sin? "O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin." Romans 7.

I've been corresponding to a KJV Pastor in San Jose and he responded to an email I sent him in regards to his online ministry on YouTube and where I might find a KJV BBC in Chicago.  

Praise the Lord! We’re so glad that the Lord has tremendously helped your life through our ministry. We have our resources link below nearly all our videos, which contains any material, studies, videos, etc. you’ll need as a Dispensational Bible Believing Christian. I’ll put it below. Perhaps the most important thing is to go to a Bible Believing church, so the link also contains a church directory. If you can’t find one, try For that site, we can’t guarantee every church there, but it’s a far better option. I’ll also add a few video links below that can be helpful with your struggles. May God richly give you grace through your trying battles. We hope this has helped.
In Christ,
Pastor Gene Kim

That was his response. A lot of my evening at bed time when communing with my own heart is been with God in prayer, reading the bible (on the train commute in mornings too), watching Ravi Zacharias, David Jeremiah and BBC with Pastor Gene Kim. Those ministries have helped me refocus my attention to the "friendly skies." After his reply, I found a KJV church in Mt. Prospect IL. It's ONLY one in Illinois, the only bible-believing church listed for the State of Illinois! Wow! My hope is to attend a service there.

"If there is a hell, Rome is built over it."
Martin Luther.

Ok now, so why KJV??? Well, after watching this video on the History of Bible Believers, I became angrier with the Catholic Church (Roman Empire) 😡 and their involvement of the Spanish Inquisition and for their stance on the Reformation. People of GOD died by their hand for teaching GRACE by FAITH and for preaching the Gospel. Luther, Tyndale, Wesley, etc. It's unfortunate that the world sees Christianity through the Catholic Church, but seeing people that stood up for the Word of God were put to death by the Catholic Church to suppress the Truth is WRONG and makes me MAD. They held the Dark Ages firmly in their grip by locking up the Bible and the message from the people. SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!! Then came the KJV (Thank you King James AND ENGLAND) and the Great Awakening in the USA. Y'know, it's no mistake now how greatly involved the British were putting together the Antioch Manuscripts into what we now know as the KJV and how the British later were involved with the formation of Israel! Antioch was the first city where they were called Christians in the 1st Century. Revelation 17 is pay back! "Mother church" is represented.

"And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration."

ROME/VATICAN (the city of seven hills): "And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth."

We need to be careful of modern translations of the Bible. The KJV was around, evidence, and fruit of the Great Awakening in the USA. It was formed after the Reformation, which increases the need to find (or plant) a Bible-Believing Church in Chicago. The closest one in the State is in Mt. Prospect. I still read from NKJV and NASB, but my primary studying comes from KJV now.

The sky opens up!
Lake Erie
Edgewater State Park, Cleveland OH
May 28, 2018

Face 2 Face by Mandissa
There will be no more sin!

Once a man, twice a child. That's my life. I know I'm not popular and really just dismissed with my blogging, but this is mine and whether you choose to read or not, is up to you. Eric Failing Deletions is an anagram for Life Altering Decision, so what better way to celebrate the blog by sharing the promises of GOD?

"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds." Hebrews 12:1, 2.

This has been my life verse since finding Christ.

In the last couple months, my faith has been challenged and many of my nights have been trembling before God. Yeah, He has that effect. "Stand in awe, and sin not! Commune with your own heart upon your beds." Psalm 4:4. My "eyes were opened" to Christ on September 13, 1992 while attending a service at The Gospel House Church & Evangelistic Center in Walton Hills OH. My friend Richard Trigg invited me that Sunday. I grew up in a Lutheran church (a couple actually). I did the works of baptism, communion and catechism, but you know what, IT MEANT NOTHING! Those don't save me. As of late, I've been brought back to that place of repentance and "enduring in faith unto the end." I am nothing without Christ and I proudly proclaim that. The gospel started with 12 Jewish Men (12th being Paul) and 1 Savior. His Word survived the test of time, and I stick with KJV and NKJV for translations. After seeing many flaws in the Modern Bible translations, I feel safest with King James. That's not the point. The point is He is faithful and just to maintain His Word for so long. Before the Bible was formed, the Acts of the Apostles led us to belief in Christ. The point? I believe Jesus is the only way for salvation, and that God provided us His One and only begotten Son as a propitiation for our sins. I know I can't do this life on my own. I'm a puny human but God promised me a new life through His Son. Conviction and repentance is a wonderful humbling thing. Whether the Lord comes, or tonight I accidentally slip and break my neck in the bathtub, the point is no one is guaranteed another day of life!!! Live it as if it were your last.

God is watching....
all the time.

This verse has convicted me lately: "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition." It's talking about an apostasy (a defiance against God) and falling away of the faith. THOSE ARE THE TIMES WE LIVE IN NOW. I don't want that! I want to endure unto the end and, yes, if it means my own death. Easy to say, but I think with that, I need to pray for His peace. The Apostles all died for Him. They didn't die for a lie, they didn't die for a lunatic, they died for the TRUTH, Truth incarnate! They saw, witnessed, and handled the Word of Life with their own hands after His resurrection! The blessing Thomas got was "blessed are they who have not seen but yet believe." That falls on us believers! I am a Thomas. I need to see it to believe it, but we believe now through His written Word.

I understand the Gospel House may've changed since I last attended there. I still love Pastor Bob Sepkovich and he always taught salvation through Christ. We believers need to pray for him. He was instrumental leading many to Christ through his preaching!

A Lawrence Avenue Sunset
Albany Park, Chicago IL
September 19, 2016

Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Byrds
A time to love. A time to hate

Study in Ecclesiastes and Acts. Bible Study and KJV Churches! Reading Acts (of the Apostles) for study. "God, why don't we see all these miracles and wonders today like spontaneous language speaking, healing, resurrections?" This was while reading Acts 10, about the "sheet full of unclean animals" being lowered to Peter, basically God saying, "Salvation is for the Gentiles now."

Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

"If there were those things today, how would faith work? How would grace work? You have the Word. There they are and there they remain forevermore. Simply put, faith would not work that's why." Question answered.

I started both Acts and Ecclesiastes on June 1. There are only 12 chapters in Ecclesiastes, so I might start Song of Solomon after that. I've been out of work for awhile since March, so I earnestly wanted to get back to work and I trusted God that He wanted the same thing. I've never really suffered or have been persecuted for my faith. Mostly, I'm just ignored and not taken seriously; however, in this time out of work, it was a trying time. I was getting up in the morning, applying to places, following up with recruiters, and going to interviews. It was a roller coaster ride, just like I pointed out in my last blog with "Ride of Life" section in that blog. What really was amazing with me wanting to study Ecclesiastes was confirmation actually. I've also had some nice chats with my friend Jeff Korhorn (Pastor Jeff) and Michael Lawrence.

Just Be!

I leave Moody Radio on in the kitchen and bedroom here (Chicago WMBI 90.1FM). So, when I was looking for work, I was blessed to listen to some of my favorite pastors like David Jeremiah, Ravi Zacharias and Tony Evans. I used to wake up to David Jeremiah on Moody Radio in Cleveland (Cleveland WCRF 103.3FM) when I lived in Cleveland, and it's still blessing to hear him on the radio even now! Well, I don't know what really led me to study Ecclesiastes, so I just started reading June 1. I actually got the idea when visiting my Mom and Dad over Memorial Day weekend. So, I listen to David Jeremiah the following week, and he announced on his broadcast that he'd be doing a sermon series on Ecclesiastes LOL. Whoa, that's where I'm studying now. That sealed it.

"The fool foldeth his hands together, and eateth his own flesh." Ecclesiastes 4:5.

Ecclesiastes seems drab, but Solomon wrote this to illustrate what a live without God is like. That would be the reason why it seems so dry. However, the verse that really spoke to me in Ecclesiastes was the one in listed. At first, I had to switch over to NASB and NKJV to understand what Solomon meant by "eateth his own flesh." Sounds grotesque. Solomon didn't mean that, did he? I use Bible Gateway to do my studies, so I can make notes and they get saved "in the cloud" so that way I can go back to another device and find my notes. YAY technology! Well, I annotated this verse and opened a note.

June 5 Note: "Self tormenting oneself "eating your own flesh" and giving up "folding your hands." Good study. It's making me think back to having no job and patience. V6 insists that better handful a quiet. "At least I'm not giving up and I'm trying" as opposed to "doing nothing." I had help from this article. Thank you "Biblical Hebrew Studies!"

So, that verse convicted me! The good news was that in my search to find a new job, I didn't "fold my hands." What I gathered from the verse was while looking for a job, I didn't "torment myself" with being impatient and "folding my hands." I didn't throw in the towel and give up. I kept at it. Timing is important and God's timing is not our timing. Keep on. One of the things I was convicted of is "eating your own flesh." That means getting impatient and angry where "it eats at you." I think that's what the Hebrew is trying to convey here. Then, there was this that caught my attention in my study...

A solstice sunset
Museum Campus
June 21, 2017

"Then said I, Wisdom is better than strength: nevertheless the poor man's wisdom is despised, and his words are not heard. The words of wise men are heard in quiet more than the cry of him that ruleth among fools." Ecclesiastes 9:16-17

Facebook has become public
dumping grounds for 
passive aggressiveness.

June 9; is politics really that important and necessary for your life? Do you "fold your hands together" and "eat your own flesh" with your politics? Your politics are not gonna save you! In a blue city like Chicago, not only do I see the reason for the choice color, but also it's hard making friends that cling too tightly to their political identity. We've become so wound up in politics as a nation. What profit is there to it? There's more to life. If there is one thing I've see while living here in Chicago is how BLUE people really are in their politics. Just let it go! They're quick to judge either political party for issues. How does that help people? It's like Solomon stated, "grasping of the wind." How are you actively changing things for the good of society? Are you running for President? Can you be a better President? When things don't go your own way, do you "fold your hands and eat your own flesh" by being a fool and moaning about it? In this case be like a wise man, speak quietly. A fool will just bitch and moan about a problem and if you don't agree. Live your life, and this is a perfect case for the study, "how to live your life with God" and "ABOVE the sun." The words of a wise man are QUIET. At another place Solomon says this; "...For as the crackling of thorns under a pot, so is the laughter of the fool: this also is vanity." With social media on the boom here, where is your quiet place away from the public? 

We air our problems and issues publicly in social media like fools. Do we have one or two friends we confide in for our problems? I've seen a therapist since January. Lately, the sessions are more positive and she's showed a continued interest for me keeping up with sessions. Although, God is my ultimate therapist lately, I still find it helpful to talk to a human person (as I am human). I feel like telling these "passive aggressive" people on my newsfeed to go talk to a therapist instead of publicly airing all your grievances against issues... politics... life... old boyfriends or whatever! I've kept Facebook only because that's where I get a chance to share my photography. Little do I use it air my grievances. In fact, I've shared my faith there. WHY? THAT is important and it is "NOT GRASPING OF THE WIND." Ecclesiastes was written "under the sun" and what life is like without God in the picture. Solomon at the close of his life wrote about this, and how life has no meaning unless God is part of it. You can't experience real JOY if God isn't in the picture.

There is a big difference between JOY and HAPPINESS. Joy comes from God. Plain and simple. It is fruit of His Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Happiness cannot be fully appreciated without joy, God's kind of Joy, where He gives us Grace through His Son Jesus Christ, a promise of eternal hope and life. Hope, another part of the Spirit's fruit! So, when I see all this political nonsense on Facebook, it's like the "cackling of thorns under a pot..." In the last General Election, I didn't vote Democratic or Republican. I didn't see any hope with either of the candidates there, so I did the non-party choice... in an overwhelmingly BLUE CITY! Yeah, I know my vote wouldn't count. I voted. That's what counted! So, there you have it. My stance on our faulty political system. In the end, America will be judged with the other nations by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself!

So, there you have it. A small sermon on social media. You're welcome. How do you use it? What and who does it profit? Are you passive aggressive? Each year, I've said I was going to ditch Facebook, but as of late, I've been using it to promote my photography and share my faith! I spend little time with anything else there, and my Newsfeed is so watered down by politics, I just ignore it altogether. This is one reason I find myself deactivating my account many times.

A Diversey of sky!
CTA Diversey, Brown Line.
Lake View, Chicago IL
June 18, 2018

Identity Theft. Identity rescue. If there is one New Year's Goal that has resounded loudly up to now it's about "Identity." I realize this will go unnoticed like usual but I'm thankful that God sees me and gave me life in His Son. He will never leave or forsake me. If there is one New Year goal I followed through with so far this year, it was my "Identity theft. Identify rescue" goal. God gave me and refreshed my identity with Him the grace through His Son. Continue on... 

2018 Goal: "Identity Rescue." With Identity Theft this year, this involves many things. Stop being in crowds of people that make you alone. Not only does this reflect on my own identity theft in October, but also with who I am as a person and the 2017 goal about resilience. Thanks fellow INFJs, Chris Johnson and Tim Fargo!

Often, I reflect on how I have suffered for Christ here and in the now. I read and learn about all these people in the now in other countries and in times past who have died for Christ to keep His Word and as a testament of His Truth. I haven't experienced persecution like that of those now in other countries where believers are put to death for believing and proclaiming the name Jesus. I pray often how I might "suffer" for Him! I do. It's something I should be ready to face in whatever danger. This New Year's resolution came to fruition last year when looking over goals I made in 2017. I came up with this goal because I did have my Identity Stolen last year. It was a big headache. It was right after my "Destination England" trip in October. Someone in my apartment building got a hold of my Social Security Number and a new Credit Card.

"When you have excluded the impossible
whatever remains, however improbable,
must be the truth."

Identity Theft! When I was rushing through the terminal at Manchester Airport in the UK, I bought myself breakfast at the Terminal and it was there I lost my Credit Card. Arriving at O'Hare, I made the discovery that my card was gone when I tried using it to pay for my parking by the Remote Parking of O'Hare. Immediately, I thought where I forgot my card. Manchester! So, getting home, I immediately reported the Credit Card lost. Here is where the Identity Theft started! I learned my lesson. The CC company said I could receive a new card to express delivered to my apartment. I chose that option without considering the risk involved. What I mean is this; when the card arrived, UPS just left it in the building lobby in the common area. Ooopps! At the time, I had questionable neighbors that lived in my building. Well, days went by and still no sign of a Credit Card, so I called CC back. They confirmed that the UPS guy left the package in the common area of the building, so I could use "Sherlock Holmes" deductive reasoning for the theft. On October 27, 2017 my Social Security was stolen. It was used to activate the new Credit Card in which someone in my building was using! Identity Stolen! Thankfully, I has text alerts set up on my phone for auspicious usage of the Card. So, immediately after getting the alert, I called CC and told them to discontinue the card!

To whomever is stealing mail and people’s
identities (social security numbers) in this
building, you know who you are. It needs
to stop now. Whether you get caught or
not, you need to know what you have done
is a still considered a crime and a
punishable offense. Be it on your own
conscience – if you have one. The thefts are
confirmed and originated in this building.
So, whatever you’ve done is between you,
your conscience, God, and the authorities.
Good luck. Next time get your own credit
and your own credit cards.

Fed up tenant.

Identity lost! I involved CPD with this and they began investigating where the charges were being made and working with the businesses to pull video footage... which did not help! I posted the note referenced here in the common area of my building. Again, using "Sherlock Holmes" deductive reasoning, I know who stole it! After talking to several of my neighbors and with many tenants being there since I first moved in, I was able to determine who did the stealing. And, after learning that I wasn't the only one having packages and mail stolen, I definitely knew who was doing it. This issue made me come with this goal for 2018!

2018 Goal: "Location. Location" Do I move back to Waterfall Glen or stay in the city? The awful neighbors I once had are not a problem now. So question now; stay or leave? Thanks New Neighbor, Steve London, Keller-Williams Realty, Silver Property Group!

Well, I'm happy to say now that the building I live in is occupied by friendlier people, and the troublesome tenants were evicted after too many complaints from the other tenants in the building. It did teach me a few things though. Actually, on June 22, I renewed my lease for maybe one more year in Chicago. So, I'll be staying in Albany Park one more year. PLUS, my landlord informed me recently, that the alley parking will be available to me on July 1st so I can park my Honda in the alley now! It took only like... what... 4 YEARS lol!

Study to show thyself approved...
Bible Study. Whole Foods of Old Town
1550 N. Kingsbury Street
June 20, 2018

"For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool's voice is known by multitude of words." Ecclesiastes 5:3

Identity Rescue! This year, I've lost a lot in friendships and with a job, but it was in those times, I re-discovered my identity and it's been a slow process coming back to God. Not everything we lose is lost! I've come to that understanding just after May 14 and Israel's 70th birthday. He's tugging at my heart. Though, I've lost, I've gained. I've learned in my "unnoticed walk" that a wise man's words are quiet, just as I read in my study in Ecclesiastes. I've always expressed myself in writing and photography and I've never been a great speaker of words. I take notice of my posting on Facebook, my photos or anything I post there. It goes unnoticed or "liked." So struggling sometimes to see that, but I'm learning more and more where my identity comes from! It comes from Heaven! It comes from God! It came at a price with His Son, Jesus. That's where I'm noticed! That's where God tugs at our hearts! 

"A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;" Ecclesiastes 3:6

Lately, I've tried a Bible Study on Wednesday nights in Whole Foods on N. Kingsbury Street by the Chicago River and the North/Clybourn Red Line stop. It's been a blessing and I've met some new friends through the studies. So, on top of studying Ecclesiastes and Acts this month, I've been blessed to study from Zephaniah, one of the Old Testament, minor prophets. The last couple times I attended, various believers come together from different religious backgrouds: Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, Presbyterian and, me, Lutheran. Whatever our religious background, Christ has brought us together in His Name to study His Word! What a blessing.

This past Wednesday, a new member joined and we were all sure she was Roman Catholic. She disputed with the Pastor there about all "this judgement" and "punishment" in the Old Testament, and wondered why we weren't sharing the good news of the New Testament. The Pastor, tenderly and patiently told her that he was getting to that, but she became rather belligerent. We all tried to help her understand that without God's judgement and punishment, how can we even fathom the depths of his His mercy and Grace? So, after continued dispute, she left. We prayed for her, and we tried to help her understand with love. A note was posted in for her saying, "...Please remember that without the judgement, wrath and punishment of God, we would not be able to fathom the mercy and grace of God. It was through His Son that this all was accomplished." I left the member anonymous here. I only hope she reads it.

History of Bible Believers
Dr. Gene Kim

KJV only! Also, as of late, I've been sticking with KJV and I'm leaning how newer translations are dangerous, spurred denominations, doctrinal disputes and cults even. I still go to NASB or NKJV.  I referenced Pastor Kim's "History of Bible Believers" sermon from previous in the blog. I wanted emphasis here on it. Please watch and be enlightened and eat your fruit. KJV was used in the Great Awakening and well in place for 300 years. The Reformation started in the 1500s. I've been getting back into the Bible and I've been blessed by a couple online pastors like Dr. Gene Kim of San Jose BBC who preaches KJV only. Also, I've been blessed by Dr. David Jeremiah and Ravi Zacharias. I just got through an online series by Dr. Kim about the "History of Bible Believers." It both inspired me and upset me, mainly due to the rising of the Roman Catholic Church through the old Roman Empire.

LORD Jesus Christ
That's the Lord's full name!
LORD. Before Abraham, I AM. Father.
Jesus is His earthly name. Son.
Christ is His anointed name. Holy Spirit.

Learning about the history of Bible Believers has given me more respect for the country of England and the Reformation. Knox, Wycliffe, Tyndale, Queen Elizabeth I, and King James. It was such an honor to be in the vicinity of Parliament where the KJV Committee met in 1605 (Parliament Gunpowder Plot). I also have ancestry back to the Spanish Armada with one of the English Captains fighting the Spanish Armada in 1588. Things really turned around when Catholicism lost England in the Reformation.

In an effort to stay with KJV only, it's been tough learning archaic English. Why KJV only? After doing some research, the KJV translation used the Antioch manuscripts (the first successful Christian church in Syria), through Erasmus and the Vaudois NOT from the library of Alexandria where the modern bible translations get their manuscripts. I'll tell you what. It's hard finding a KJV only church in Chicago.

Being convicted and inspired to find a KJV only church has proved to be difficult in a Blue City such as Chicago. After having reached out to Dr. Kim in regards to his sermons and how they've helped me in my Christian walk, he responded with a website to find a local KJV only church in the area. After delving deep into the site, I think I might've found a church here that preaches from KJV. So, I have marked my calendar to try one out. The church is called Ravenswood Bible Baptist Church. It's near the CTA Damen Brown Line stop. Going through the online series for "History of Bible Believers" referenced here was helpful understanding the survival of Bible Believers. How does my study in Acts seem to relate to this. Currently, the Pastor at this church is doing a study from the book of Acts, lol!

My new identity! Learning the importance of the KJV only teaching has me going back to my first bible even from the Gospel House which was NIV (thought Pastor Bob used NKJV there), and comparing scripture, especially this one: I John 5:7-8. The KJV reads (emphasis mine)...

"...7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. 8 And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one."

Now watch what happens in the NIV translation...

"...7 For there are three that testify: 8 the [a] Spirit, the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement."

Footnotes: a. 1 John 5:8 Late manuscripts of the Vulgate testify in heaven: the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one. 8 And there are three that testify on earth: the (not found in any Greek manuscript before the fourteenth century)

Verse 7 is lopped off! The footnote claims and insists that the "three are one" are not found in any Greek manuscript before the 14th century. Read both again. Whoops, what happened to the doctrine of the Trinity??? It was sacrificed in the NIV. So they say? Wouldn't a bible believer WANT that part of the verse preserved for doctrine??? You would think, right? This is only an example what happens in the newer translations. Now, don't get me wrong, but I do tend to flip back to NASB or NKJV for help with the archaic English, BUT I'm striving to use KJV only as my only source.

Time is running out!
Big Ben Erector Set
Westminster, London UK
October 16, 2017

2018 Give Way! So, if I were to sum my experience of this year up to this point, it would greatly involve God's Almighty Encompassing Hand on my life! I am a nothing, a speck, a flea. God wants worship and glory. He's a jealous God (jealous, of the righteous kind), and he wants me to SERVE him. This is not to say I am any better off, but it's with Christ's ultimate sacrifice on the Cross for my sin that has given me a new identity in Him. That's where I get my identity! This year with my situation in January (moment of despair), losing a job, and even all the world events. God's calling! He's tugging at my heart! He's convicting me of my sin and my worship of Him. He's bringing me to a place of trembling in spirit and Truth. "In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God, and the Word was God...all things were made by Him...then the Word became flesh!" That's where this story starts! Not my story, God's story!

Do you think it’s necessary to be KJV only? Yes and no. Yes, only for my own faith. I want to hear and study the truth, but I do find myself going back to NKJV or NASB to help with the archaic English. There were a few places I was astonished to see newer translatiosns do away with. No, because many faithful pastors use other translations. I'm doing this for ME and my own good. I understand that my friends and family may read and study from other translations. I've just been thinking about this lately and how it relates to my own faith. Whatever translation you read from is your own business. The church I was saved in read and studied from the New King James. So, lately, for me when studying, I've kept to KJV but I do go over to NASB or NKJV for help often. Love is always the answer!

Flipflopology (a word I made up to describe Jesus' parables and preaching). Example. "If you abide in Me. If you don't abide." Jesus gave both sides of an issue and He flipped and flopped between both explanations. The Lord was very specific and detailed when preaching. He would give one side of the argument, BUT he would "flip" that and describe the flip side of his teaching. I placed this segment in here because I just wanted to go back to this later and reference it in my Bible Studies lol.

A light from beyond!
Buckingham Palace
Westminster, London UK
October 16, 2017

Place In This World by Michael W. Smith
Roaming through the night to find my place...

I have Dr. Seuss dreams! I just recalled a dream I had the other night. I was on either State Street or Michigan Avenue. Two guys approached me at whatever corner I was standing at. I think it was near Millennium Park. One guy was black and one was white. Both guys were wearing fedoras too. They held a "knife" at my neck and asked me where some place was at. I don't remember where they wanted directions to but I pointed down the street and said, "It's on Madison Street, several blocks north." I wasn't scared. Then, the guys pulled the "knife" away from the back of my neck and I saw what they were holding. It wasn't a knife, it was a metal ruler. The dude's hand was gripped near the 3 inch mark of the ruler. I have no idea what the dream means!!!

2018 Goal: "Snubbed? Brushed off? Meekly stand out." Endeavor to find deep meaningful relationships, and people worth your time and effort. If it means eliminating a lot of people from your life, do it. This one ties in with "Identity Rescue." I've already taken measure to keeping those loved ones in my life but letting the other "clutter" go. Thanks Karen Sobolewski ... again!

"The words of wise men are heard in quiet more than the cry of him that ruleth among fools." Ecclesiastes 9:17

I still don't know where I belong! People have come and gone this year in my life. In fact, with whom I had I thought I had a friendship with this year, I was blocked by this person on Facebook. I prayed. I'm not hurt. This person has other people in their life to show them to Christ, and it's my only hope they heed to their family. "An haughty spirit before a fall." This person I wrote about earlier this year in regards to an incident of my despair in January and them accusing me for seeking attention. I lost a lot this year, but God reminded me that "he will never leave me or forsake me." It's always been a struggle standing out, and I think I might know why based upon my study of Ecclesiastes this month. This verse from Ecclesiastes really struck me. The meek and humble walk quietly in the world where the fools rush in (to destruction). "Pride goeth before destruction." When I came up with my New Year's theme for this year last year, I thought the theme would be about ME standing out in the world and ME getting noticed. NO! I learned last month that the theme is God-centered! I give way to Him. We give way to Him. We'll give way to Him in the end of all things. So 2018 has been about Give Way to God! This identity has helped me in my walk. Being shunned in a world of fools, being a quiet unnoticed person among fools is not a bad thing after all. Being noticed by a Living God is far more important eternally! "What is man that He is mindful of him." My identity with God is far more important being noticed in a world of corruption. So, coming to that revelation these past couple months has brought me joy and ease with Him! In Him, I'm alive... in heavenly places! I chose the songs for this blog carefully! I hope you have a chance to listen to the playlist I composed on Spotify! If you're still reading that is. Like I said, I go unnoticed, but I've prayed that God use me to share His Grace and mercy through Jesus Christ. I have prayed he use me to this end.

Belmont Transfer in the Sears Tower
Where do I go? Elevator Mass Confusion
Sears Tower, Chicago IL
June 21, 2018

New Job! Yeah, the new job has started off rather bumpy, but after a couple weeks into it, I'm now learning the grand vision my new manager has for his brand new team, visions and goals for his newly formed team. Little did I know when getting the offer with United how interesting and exciting the iOT devices and Video technology would be. After only a couple weeks, I see the direction my manager is moving us towards. Little did I know how my love of cameras played into me being hired. Technology plus cameras equals excitement. Plus my manager also asked me if I have a US Passport!

As of now, I'm fighting off some health problems, and I'm hoping to get back to seeing a doctor regularly again. I'm in a lot of pain and I'm trying to keep focused! Yeah, focused. With the new job, I believe it was GOD who got me the job... this time. I asked for it, and I received it. The job involves technologies and things I like and have a passion for like cameras and devices, ha. Last night, I prayed and I was convicted of my focus on God. That needs to be consistent all day long, not just at night when I'm ready for bed. I must learn to be "ready and give account" at any given time for the Lord and stand up for Him in any situation, including recording my time accurately, presenting myself to others, loving God and loving people, forsaking the old me, its unfruitful ways, and unwholesome talk. No, it's not because I'm better than anybody. No, I want to be better for myself before God's holiness. People on the outside looking in need to see that in Christians. We're not holier than thou (at least we shouldn't be). No, we're trying to live holy before God. God's always watching... ME... all the time!

The new position has really taken off well. I'm learning the Sears Tower aka Willis Tower. It's not about the company, where it's located, or what I do. It's about how I live my life with the job with what God has given me! Our company is spread out on various floors in the building. I learned what a "Belmont Transfer" is in the Sears Tower this week. We're scattered on different floors. Not all elevators connect and you have to hop on "another train." Also, I'm slowly getting my bearings again back into work life. My first day of work was June 11 and I was the first one to start on my team. My manager gave me various projects to look at and learn. He emphasized that he's building out an entirely new team and that others will join the team. He showed me his calendar and emails and I saw how busy this guy really was, and after a couple weeks being there now, I'm slowly seeing his vision while being included in his meetings and emails. I told another friend yesterday that It's in its infancy stages. We're trying to build a base. The company went through some structural changes this year.

Again, in prayer with God, I'm thankful HE gave me this job and I want to make sure I don't screw it up or abuse it! It's a foundation and I'm being introduced to some exciting technologies. Also, this past week, I was invited to the 33rd floor of the Sears Tower to the Sky Lobby for an after-hour social by my boss. It was nice to meet everyone on his team and be a part of things. Yeah, I took pictures. Also, not only did I learn my manager is a Canon Guy, but the technology we use for the team is built on Canon technology. So, does that mean I have to abdicate my Nikon stance? Lol.

33rd Floor of Sears Tower
Sky Lobby. "Second Office."
Chicago Loop, Chicago IL
June 21, 2018

Do you know what I'm sayin?
Social time on 33rd floor
Sears Tower, Chicago IL
June 21, 2018

So, it appears the 33rd floor sky lobby is our "second office" as it were lol. It's nice up there and a few times, I went up there for lunch break with co-workers. Protein Bar is across the street too so that's cool. In the months ahead, I just want to keep focused. In that I mean, on work stuff but on the divine as well. At my last job, I thought about setting a "God Time" part of the day for a break and reflection. I think I may go forward with that with the new job. It's funny how this job came along. I got the offer on May 25, 2018. On May 24, 2008 (10 years earlier), I started and Oakbrook 17-102 in N. Royalton OH. I explained to my new manager that if he wants, I can use my lab setup at home to test things; I've done this with previous jobs and the "home lab" comes with a fully functional Windows AD Domain, Exchange Server, Apache Revers Proxy, and much more. I don't have a problem spinning up a VM there to test stuff like Linux or what not.

The sandbox environment was started there while working at Broadvox in 2006. Erik, my manager at the time was right. Many times over, this environment helped me do my job better – still to this day. Currently, I do the same, especially if I’m testing any type of Scripting (which we use for automation). I log into my stuff and test – NEVER THE CLIENT. This past summer, I had to say goodbye to that first server I was gifted from Erik. Over the years after Broadvox, I dedicated some of my own savings to building out my home sandbox into current releases of Microsoft and staying up to date. I incorporate both Microsoft products and GNU Linux, and VMWare into my sandbox environment. At my first IT Job, I worked under another manager, Sergey Galchenko. Working with him was a great pleasure. He did mostly everything in Linux, so this prompted me to implement Linux into my home sandbox environment.

I have working at home 2 domain controllers, an Apache Reverse Proxy, Various applications running on IIS, networking monitoring tools running on Apache, my website running on Apache, 1 ESX host with several virtual machines, mostly with Server 2008 R2 and CentOS Linux, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 with OWA and ActiveSync, and much more.

An angry Sears Tower!
I'm not Willis for the last time!
Chicago Loop, Chicago IL
June 14, 2018

It's Pride Month and Father's Day. You know what makes me sick? "Pride goeth before destruction." Politics, and well, PRIDE. You do realize if you step outside your political party's box once in awhile, you'll actually see the problem with America. YOU. Before anyone jumps on me about voting, yes, I did vote the last election but I did not vote based on a flawed party system. Instead of playing the "they say this, they do this" madness, I took a different approach to the country I live in. I live in a blue city mind you, so whether my vote counted or not, at least I voted. I'm so sick and tired of people that confine themselves to one political agenda and don't step outside for a minute to look at the real problems! No, we point fingers at the opposition like little children. GROW UP! That's exactly how you're acting. I wasn't happy the last election and I'm not happy this time either. If you think you can do a better job with our country, put up or shut up. My knuckles are generally white to begin with, but reading some of the political hogwash here only makes them whiter. Besides, what I do to help or how I vote isn't really anyone's business. I just I thought I'd throw this out there. You can't change someone's mind or help if all you do is sling hogwash around for your party's self interest.

God cares! He loves you! I battle with sin in my life too. It's when we come to an understanding of the holiness of God, our repentance, and how our sin has crippled our relationship with Him, we have power in Christ to be set free for all eternity. When we become callous to our sin (I'm talking to myself here too), then that's when we should go back to a place of His holiness. He made you and me alive in His Son by the power and His WORK on the Cross!

"What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.
Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet..." Psalm 8.

God set us apart from the animals and He made us in His likeness. Sin entered the world through one man, but sin was paid for by Jesus Christ. We're all born with a sinful nature. All. Mankind is also built with a moral compass unlike animals. He died for us not for animals. Remember this. He died for your sins. "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Don't let the devil deceive you! He goes against everything against God. Remember this beautiful picture. The Church is a bride and Christ is our bridegroom. A beautiful arrangement. I'm not going to get into a whole "marriage is sacred" bit, but when the beautiful picture of Christ the bridegroom being united to His Bride, the Church has been perverted by "Pride" it besmears Him and taken in defiance! It not only makes me sad and mad, but it paints an awful lude, lascivious picture of how the sacredness of marriage has been lost and subverted! Society fails to understand that believers hold marriage as a sacred covenant and the oldest covenant on the planet between a man and a woman. God created it that way to paint us a picture what God was like to His nation Israel and what Christ is like to His Church! His creation paints a beautiful story of His Love for us! See it now and why this should anger believers???? This whole Pride thing is being crammed down everyone's throats AND KIDS!!!! Yeah, we're raping young minds and abusing children with this Pride! I saw that Jessi Cruickshank video put out by Nickelodeon and NO I'm not linking it here! I was disgusted at what great lengths we're driving this QTBGL agenda!

One Step Away by Casting Crowns
Come now, and take up your new name.

2018 Give Way. Ok, two things. One, Father's Day is around the corner, so this picture is appropriate. Two, I guess June is pride month, so I'm celebrating MY PRIDE; the One who said He was TRUTH! The Lord said, "But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father." Since March, I've been on a journey, rediscovering my faith. I knelt at an altar at the Gospel House in Walton Hills OH in 1992, where my eyes were opened. That's where the journey started for me. He's there for ALL of us who earnestly seek Him. It's been a journey, and I believe this Man, this God, and I'm proud to serve a righteous, just, holy, merciful, HONEST, faithful and trustworthy God. With Him, I have a guarantee and I have assurance. So, if this image offends anyone, you know where the unfriend button is. However before you do, remember and take this with you: In a world of politics and hatred, here is a picture of what those two things did to someone not guilty of any sin or fault whatsoever. Politics, religion, hatred, sin, right there, what nailed Him to the Cross. So, consider what's really important now. Your view? Or, God's view. Again, if you need help with God's view. Here's the picture for you. #LoveCameWithAPrice #MyRainbowHasSevenColors

You offended? Well, you know what? As of late, I can't idly sit back and allow people to get the wrong idea about God and His truth! I need to take a stance on His issues. Yeah, He's big enough to handle His own, but people of God need to stand up for him. This is not saying here "I hate this or that." Here's something to consider here with that stance.

If I were to say
"I hate my own faults, shortcomings, and sin" which I do is that a hate speech
and did I just abuse my first amendment right?

No! Society isn't outraged because the hate is against things in our own lives not others. You know what? The things we do that oppose God are still wrong, even at a personal level, and the conviction starts from ourselves. No, instead, we've become so callous to what actually matters, and to the things that oppose God. Christians should not (better not) hate people. We hate things that we do, things that oppose God and, speaking to myself, I hate the things I even do, so outside myself, that applies to people. I've been studying in Ecclesiastes and one verse says this. #jesusislord #jesus #beforeabrahamiam #fathersday #cross #calvary #pride #TheChurchisaBrideChrististheBridegroom

Destination England 2017! Apocalypse.
Hurrican Ophelia not-so-friendly skies
Westminster, London UK
October 16, 2017

Strength of a 1000 Men by Two Steps From Hell
Ode to Heathkit and of Fathers...

June 9, 1989 was the date I started the fantasy realm of Arden technically. As of late, I've been praying about things I say or write and it's been laid on my heart to be careful what I write about especially the fantasy stuff that started from that point on like in 2001 when I tried to get published. While this wasn't an issue at one time, it seems like it is now. I need to be careful about misleading and to stand on the Truth of God. So, while several chapters of my life have ended this year, this is yet another one I am saying goodbye to. I don't know if any of you had noticed, but I've blocked off my Realm of Arden portion of my website after much prayer and consideration. I haven't retired any of my hard copies (yet). I'm doing this for good, out of reverence to God and His eternal kingdom! Right now, that's more important. Next off is completely getting out of Facebook and social media. I'm dealing with a lot of issues now and while most of you wouldn't understand, I need to be mindful of the unseen, heavenly things. 2018 Give Way. Funny how this theme has played in my life this year. No, this has nothing to do with being better or proud. A LOT of things have challenged me this year and it's been a struggle! Pictures brought to you from Hurricane Ophelia in London last year.

It was well known of the elves that
if the thirteen pinnacles of nature were altered, there would be no salvation.
“Without thirteen, there is no salvation for us,” they agreed.

The Truth is Out There! My writings and putting a block on "Realm of Arden." Where did my writings go on my website? Did I just up and delete all my writings? Not exactly, but I've been convicted of my writing for a couple months now. Why? Well, simply put, I don't want to take the writing as "truth" and I don't want to "mislead" anyone into thinking what I write is true. Tolkien and CS Lewis wrote Christian Allegory in their stories. Yes, but should I be careful about that. Actually, I discussed this with my friend Jeff Korhorn. It was laid on my heart. He called me when I was driving to see my folks in Cleveland for Memorial Day weekend. So hands free with my phone, I talked to Jeff about the issue saying that I don't want to mislead anyone.

Mr. Mulder, “they” have been here for a long, long time
Deep Throat. X-Files 1x01

In my "fantasy realm" I use the "Gap" seen between Genesis 1, verses 1 and 2 for the mythical place of Arden. Understand this, but a long period of time passes between those two verses! Well, it turns out that the "Gap" is biblical after all and regarded as the Pre-Adamic Earth where Lucifer reigned. Yeah, that being. There is scripture to support the Pre-Adamic Earth where Lucifer and the sons (lower case S) of God reigned on the Earth. Well, Lucifer fell (Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28) and in Genesis 1:2, we see the "universal flood." Thereafter we have the 6 days of creation. One reason I've been going back to KJV only is because of THIS! The KJV presents the dispensations of God in clear truth, including the "Gap Fact!"

X-Files by Mark Snow
The Truth IS out there!

"Your aliens, Agent Mulder, your little green men, arrived here millions of years ago. Those that didn't leave have been lying dormant underground since the last ice age in the form of an evolved pathogen waiting to be reconstituted by the alien race when it comes to [re] colonize the planet using us as hosts." Well-Manicured Man. Fight the Future 1998.

I like X-Files, and I always have, but there it is: The Gap Fact! My ringtone is still the "X-Files theme song" and my screensaver at home is X-Files, so yeah, I still like the show. Also, interesting to know. "They've" been here for a long, long time. What's also interesting is "Fight the Future" is the GAP between season 5 and season 6 of X-Files (ala The End, The Beginning). The movie filled in THE GAP between those two seasons. Remember the discussion in "Fight the Future" with the Well-Manicured Man and Mulder in the motorcade, just before the car blows up? Hmmmmmm. One of the goals I picked for my New Year's theme was " get in touch with the divinity of God and not some alien force." Learning about the "Gap Fact" brought me back to this scene in Fight the Future. Jude 6 says this: "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day." Understanding the "Gap Fact" strengthened my faith in God, his sovereign power and power over creation and that these "aliens" will be judged!

2018 Goal: "Can't. Can't? Can." The power of the Cross. Dive deeper in faith. 2017 version of this goal smacked me in the face this past summer. Calm the storms in my life, Lord. 2017 was filled with a lot of anxiety and disbelief. This goal came into effect in a Small Group while diving into the book of Romans in October. Thanks Zac Coleman, Michael Lawrence and Jeff Korhorn!

That means, not only will these "aliens" or "sons of God" come back to the Earth and retake the Earth as seen in Revelation 12, but the "aliens" in the earth in Tartarus will be loosed. Lizard people, reptilian, and all the Genesis 6 "sons of God intermingling." So, when I thought back to that scene in the movie, it made me really see "The Truth is Out THERE." The Truth is God's word but how Hollywood has reused ideas which were already laid out in the Bible. Note the parts I underlined in the Well-Manicured Man's statement. The theme of X-Files has been about aliens coming back to recolonize the planet. To me, that sounds like a Pre-Adamic Earth and the existence of Tartarus which was the word Hell in Jude 6. So, what am I emphasizing here?

Hurricane Ophelia strikes London
Victorian Embankment
London, London UK
October 16, 2017

The fact these "aliens" will be back and won't be surprised if they're blamed for the Rapture. And, no, the aliens won't take Christians away. Christ will. Also, if you've read my Wake up number 47 blog last year about the appearance of Mothman in Chicago, there is another explanation in the Bible about the origin of demons and weird creatures like Titans, mermaids, centaurs and such through this mysterious "intermingling of the sons of God." These "aliens" will be identified in the Tribulation period when people start seeing flying saucers and this "intermingling" still seems to be going on now with these alien abductions! These "aliens" are not friendly whatsoever.

So, where did my writings go? I took them off my main website and I'm praying about this. I don't want to mislead people or say the wrong thing. Actually, I had some encouragement from my friend Michael Lawrence regarding this very thing, but I'm not ready to "reopen" my Arden website just yet. If God has put something on my heart, I need to be careful about it. Diving deeper into faith and understanding the dispensations of God has helped me understand my faith and the power of GOD more so. Yes, with emphasis again on KJV only! Again!

2018 Give Way - Are You Ready?
To both my earthly Father
and my Heavenly Father!

Today is Father's Day so, not only is this a tribute to my earthly Father who taught me love in photography, this is a tribute to my Heavenly Father, who gave me the will to live and the passion for photography! God bless any that watch and listen to the music. Like I did last year for my Dad, I did again this year, and translated photography to video! Enjoy. Love you, Dad and Dad! 

2018 Give Way - Are you Ready? A photo compilation from this year using Adobe Photoshop! Photos cover some places visited (Montana), England (w/ Hurricane Ophelia footage), Chicago and Cleveland. Years include 2013, 2016-present day. This video scrapbook includes music with a message. 

The Great Awakening, and the Message in the video. Peter proclaimed on Pentecost. "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered..." Joel 2:28-32 

SOUNDTRACK: "Great Awakening" and "Are you Ready" by British group 65dBA in their album "Great Awakening."
A clock that still keeps good time today!
Are you Ready?
Albany Park, Chicago IL
June 17, 2018

My Father's Hands by Glad
Open the floodgates... [x]

The Dad Heathkit story! Spotify doesn't have this song, sadly, so I couldn't add it to my monthly playlist. Heathkit, when it was around. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Thank you for showing me love, and teaching me that while you could fix so many things in my world, there were some things in my life that could only be fixed by the Heavenly Father! From teaching me how to ride a bike, enforcing swimming lessons, love of photography, how to drive stick, and being there when I needed life advice, I know I use this story every Father's Day, Dad, but it was one of the most memorable times I shared with you as a kid, and it's never overused in my mind. I truly cherish every thought and moment of it...

One year as a kid, I asked my folks for an alarm clock. I wanted to get up on my own for school and not have my Mom get me up. You get to that age. I kept asking them. So, on one birthday, I think it was my 11th or 12th, my Dad gave me a gift. I'll never forget it, because when I opened it, I stared at him in bewilderment. The box was labeled HEATHKIT, and inside were a bunch of wires, transistors, resistors, circuit board, and other parts. My Dad has a HAM shack loaded with equipment from HEATHKIT, so with all things considered, the gift was appropriate lol. "That's your clock," my Dad reinforced. "You've been asking for one, so here you go." Again, a blank stare after looking at all the parts. "You have to put it together," he said. So, there it was. One of the best times I had with my Dad. It started with a simple birthday gift and turned into a Father/Son project. He showed me how to use a soldering iron, some basics in electronics, and helped me put the clock together. The clock did come with instructions, but I remember asking my Dad for a lot of help. It was a memorable time I shared with him. The clock was put together finally, and I remember it displayed 24 hour time. Another blank stare. "Remember that jumper cable I had you solder in the other place not in the instructions? That was for 24 hour time." To this day, this clock still runs strong. It currently sits on my entertainment center in my living room here in Chicago; still keeping super accurate time. Every time I look at the time on that clock, I'm reminded of how thankful to have you as my Father and I'm very proud to be your son. Thank you, Dad, for being an example most fathers today lack in. I'm thankful for my upbringing you and Mom have given me. Tough love, kindness, discipline, always telling us to help Mom as kids, and always being there for us when we needed you. Thank you for being the father that taught us how to treat women, as you have shown by example with Mom! Love you.

"A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace." Ecclesiastes 3:8

Cleaning apartment again. Visiting Mom and Dad again. Just before I started my new job, I did a complete cleaning and re-organizing of my apartment... again. I did this earlier in the year before I was let go at my previous job, but being unemployed for a couple months made me sloppy and unorganized. So, I spent a weekend putting files away in the file cabinet -- I had a whole stack of papers on my desk to file away. I re-organized the closets in my office and bedroom. I threw out a lot of trash. I cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, the grill even, and the living areas of my apartment. I wasn't sure even at the time if I were going to renew my lease with Silver Property Group, so I was also preparing for the worst, having to live on what I saved and a credit card for a couple months. IDES was awful with its benefits and I didn't claim anything because the amount they were giving me for spending was only $140 every two weeks. Unlivable. I had a some help from my folks but luckily I don't spend a lot of money to begin with. It was also nice to spend some time with my folks a few weekends while unemployed. They paid for my gas and tolls when I came out the couple times I did. And, I didn't have to spend anything on groceries. So, I was thankful that they were able to put me up a couple times. After the job came, I decided to stay in Chicago one more year. So my landlord contacts me and says that alley parking for my car will be available on July 1. It only took 4 years. 

Merciful Mart
Chicago River at Randolph Street
The Loop, Chicago IL
July 4, 2017

The Trumpet Shall Sound by Koch
I shew you a mystery...

The voice of my beloved!
Behold, he comes
Leaping upon the mountains,
Skipping upon the hills.
9 My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag.
Behold, he stands behind our wall;
He is looking through the windows,
Gazing through the lattice. Song of Solomon 2.

Then I heard what seemed to be the voice of a great multitude, like the roar of many waters and like the sound of mighty peals of thunder, crying out,

For the Lord our God
    the Almighty reigns.
7 Let us rejoice and exult
    and give him the glory,
for the marriage of the Lamb has come,
    and his Bride has made herself ready;
8 it was granted her to clothe herself
    with fine linen, bright and pure”—

for the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints.

9 And the angel said[a] to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” And he said to me, “These are the true words of God.” Revelation 19

In the month of Pride, I wanted to share this! What a beautiful picture here with the Lord being united with His Church. It is the most ideal portrait of a blessed union and it heralds a long instituted covenant, something pure, something sacred, something clean, something which transcends all races on this planet. Marriage! Why did I put this here in a segment? Well, I want to reinforce the beauty of what marriage is and how we as Christians regard it as something sacred, and how we should be respected for our view on it. We don't want to do things that upset the balance in God's covenants especially marriage. It's a beautiful union of Christ and His Church! We see this representation being demonstrated in Creation with the joining of a man and woman in the Garden of Eden. There, God painted a beautiful picture of this union and how that alone amplifies the Union of Christ to His Church, the bride to the bridegroom. Also, it's interesting but if Song of Solomon is basis and an allegory of the Church, then the Church is represented by a black woman!!!! "Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me..." Song of Solomon 1:6. It's also interesting to note but the first Gentile convert to Christianity was an Ethiopian in Acts 8. MINDBLOWN!!!!!! The small golden nuggets you get reading the Bible!

"And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these." Mark 12:29-31

We will all give account!
Hurricane Ophelia visit London
Trafalgar Square, London UK
October 16, 2017

So many times, in a reversed bigoted world, Christians are forced to shut up and accept only the perversion of marriage between the same-sex. I'm not here to judge. I'm here to live by God's truth and to uphold his holiness in living and with people. I already spoke about this in the blog about "...hating things in my life and did I infringe my first amendment rights." God calls Christians to love God, love people. The greatest commandment is to love God and love people. Hate sin. People are easily offended and don't want to hear anything that goes against what they believe or want to believe. The truth of the matter is sin is what separates us from God and it has consequences. Hate sin, love people! So, if asked if I want to take pictures of Pride Parade, my answer is No. Just as it's my right to make a choice like this (to bake a cake even), it is your choice to do what you want. We  each have a free will. I battle with my own sins, but I won't parade them around for anyone to cause others to fall and stumble. That's not pride to me and it should not be photographed as such. That's shame. My Pride is at the foot of the Cross! My sin is judged as well and I'm no better off and sin has only taught me death. My difference here is my sin is my own shame and this is what I ask God to forgive and cleanse me of. This is what I repent of and turn towards Him in prayer as He would have me to. I posted last month about receiving Christ and being freed from sin, becoming alive in Him. This very well might be my last blog on Google, and I might be censored! I'm saying this now.

"I am the LORD, and there is none else,
there is no God beside me:
I girded thee, though thou hast not known me....

...Look unto me, and be ye saved,
all the ends of the earth: 
for I am God, and there is none else."

"...I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear." Isaiah 45.

Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him,
and given him a name which is above every name: 
That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
of things in heaven, and things in earth,
and things under the earth." 
Philippians 2:9-10

So, if this brings any attention, I'm here to let you know, it also bring attention to my own soul! I too will have to fall before the "terror of the Lord" of I Corinthians 15 at the Judgement Seat of Christ. My hope is that you will be there with me too and not at the Great White Throne where death and hell are cast into the Lake of Fire! Better to experience that terror than being forever separated from God in the Lake of Fire. Kind of see where the "trembling of my spirit" has been lately? Hate sin; love God; love people! Simple enough. Now, I don't know exactly "...he will be saved... yet as by fire" or "the terror of the Lord" is at the Judgment Seat of Christ is, but I can tell you it will involve some sort of discipline.

As a kid growing up with two other brothers, we were disciplined and punished often by my Dad. He administered the punishments when we were kids. Like any other kid, we would fight and get out of line. I had two brothers so, yeah, we fought all the time. My Dad worked 2nd shift, so when we were coming home from school, Dad was getting ready for work. One particular day, I don't remember what we did, but we set off Mom, and I plainly remember her saying to the three of us, "I'm telling your father what you did."

At first, we thought, 'nah, she'll forget.' I was doubtful though. So, I'll always remember it. We went to bed that night. My bedroom faced the road, so I heard all the dogs barking, the cars driving down the street, AND cars pulling into our driveway. Laying there, I had terror. I was restless. I knew I did wrong and I was going to be punished for it. I knew Mom wouldn't forget. I wasn't too sure about my other brothers if they were all sleeping soundly. I wasn't. I tossed and turned, and waited for my Dad's car to pull up in the driveway. Suddenly, it did! A pit formed in my stomach. I threw the covers over me. Shortly, I heard Dad coming up the stairs, and he woke us all up! We were all in trouble. He got us all out of bed and punished us. So, if the "terror of the Lord" is something like this, I sort of get the feeling and relate.

Now, go back to the beginning of my blog. "...the things I HATE..." Make sense what I was aiming at now??? Coming to grips of our sin is where it's at. It's not what people judge you for; conviction comes from within. We're all built with a moral compass. We're humans. God set us above and apart from the animals of the Earth!

Who shall stand when he appeareth?
A solstice sunset
Museum Campus, Chicago IL
June 21, 2017

But Who May Abide The Day by Patti Austin
He will be like a refiner's fire or launderer's soap

October 1973 War. Yom Kippur War in Israel. Six Day War in Israel. Thank you again to all who kept reading my blog! There is a lot here and I hope you see them come to fruition with more of a devotional feel to them. This might be my very last blog here. I was hoping to move over to Wordpress soon, but with the way things are in the world, I wouldn't be surprised if I were censored! What really seemed to be key with God this year coincided with Israel's 70th birthday, but I can look back and see where this blessing originated. October 1973 was the Yom Kippur War that was won by Israel and that's the month and year I was born.

One thing I was encouraged about was the strength and God's hand on Israel especially since this year celebrates Israel's 70th birthday and re-birth. Going back to a KJV only point of view has helped my faith and it has helped me understand the dispensations God uses especially for his chosen people Israel. God still protects Israel. I wanted to visit Israel this year, but when I lost my job, I had to put that on hold. And, in conversation with a friend, I said, "...I might have to wait until Kingdom Come to go to Israel." I meant that in a literal sense and in no way was that vanity. One day, the army of Jesus will come back to retake the world; Jesus will judge all the nations and setup his Kingdom in Israel as the Old Testament Prophets and the Book of Revelation told.

Israel has been a resilient nation and it has stood up against the odds with stories of "angels" in recent years offering protection as seen in the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War of October 1973. What a blessing to be born in that month! To such a mighty nation of God!

So, until next time, thank you again for reading. Be sure to listen to my Spotify Playlist when reading. I hope this blog blesses you. Bleggess you!


May 24, 2008! 10 Years of Systems Aboot!

Oakbrook 17-102 Irving Park
My home office!
Albany Park, Chicago IL
April 24, 2016

I built this setup back in N. Royalton OH. From my website

" started back in April 2003 on Yahoo! GeoCities -- for those that remember the Yahoo phenomena. It started as I was learning HTML and, at the time, I was writing fantasy stories. In 2008, went live with DynDNS and I hosted the website at home. From 2008 to the current, it's been hosted at home with CentOS Apache and Windows IIS.

As expanded after 2008, I've integrated a business site, blog and photography site into the website. Professionally, I work in IT, so spurred off "Biz," which includes my "Systems Aboot" home business and local orginization "Oakbrook 17-102," which has its roots in N. Royalton OH. also incorporates amateur photography work I do in Chicago. Oakbrook 17-102 is an incorporation of all my facets: photography, writing, IT, etc. It started in Oakbrook Gardens, the apartment complex I lived in 2008, located in N. Royalton OH. The name has remained to this day as my personal signage. It has nothing to do with Oak Brook IL, a Chicago suburb."

Shekinya comes from my writings (which are on hold currently if you read in the blog). 

June 8, 2018 - Anthony Bourdain.

Vichyssoise by Anthony Bourdain
Albany Park, Chicago IL
March 23, 2018

We Lift You Higher by Fearless BND
Stand in Awe!

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end." Ecclesiastes 3:11.

Anthony Bourdain found dead of apparent suicide in France

Popular culinary personality Anthony Bourdain has been found dead in France of an apparent suicide at age 61.

"I confirm that we have learned this morning about the death of Anthony Bourdain by hanging, in a luxury hotel called Le Chambard, in the village of Kaysersberg (south of Strasbourg)," Prosecutor Christian de Rocquigny du Fayel told ABC News. "I launched an inquiry to determine the precise cause of the death of M. Bourdain. A Medical examiner checked the body. There are no elements showing that a third party played a role in his death...."

I'm close to this. No, not following through, but I've been down this path. This really saddened me this morning; saddened beyond all grief. One, I've cooked some delicious meals with some of his recipes, like my soup recipe. So, now anytime I cook a meal with one of his recipes, I have something to remember which leads to two. Earlier this year, I wrestled with a "brush of despair," and I've been down that road. It saddens me to see popular people like this suffer and follow through with the demise. Suicide is on a steady rise in our country and people really need to know there is hope. I'm a firm believer that God does love and care and he has a purpose for each every one of us "under the sun" as Ecclesiastes puts it (I'm studying there). There is no purpose in life without God. He has put eternity in our hearts but that pit can't be filled with life without him, and it's "vanity and grasping of the wind" without him.

Every time I make my Vichysoisse Soup,
I'll think of Anthony Bourdain.

I got the recipe from him. When I lost my job in March, I was really upset, but it got me thinking about my problem. I never really asked God for his blessing in the previous job. My life without God. Solomon who wrote Ecclesiastes wrote just about that. What life is like without God. I realize that this probably will go unnoticed but I need to emphasize that things only got better for me in my despair when I looked to God. I'm not perfect and I still have problems, and I'm constantly asking God to forgive me and restore me, but I know I have an eternal relationship with Him. I lost a friend in March 2017 to suicide and it bothered me, so this topic is closer to me than you would know. --> ;

July 22, 2011! Largest vault of water found at the edge of the universe!

"Praise him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens." Psalm 148:4

"And God made the firmament (outer space), and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so." Genesis 1:7

"Two teams of astronomers have discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water ever detected in the universe. The water, equivalent to 140 trillion times all the water in the world's ocean, surrounds a huge, feeding black hole, called a quasar, more than 12 billion light-years away.

"The environment around this quasar is very unique in that it's producing this huge mass of water," said Matt Bradford, a scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "It's another demonstration that water is pervasive throughout the universe, even at the very earliest times." Bradford leads one of the teams that made the discovery. His team's research is partially funded by NASA and appears in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

A quasar is powered by an enormous black hole that steadily consumes a surrounding disk of gas and dust. As it eats, the quasar spews out huge amounts of energy. Both groups of astronomers studied a particular quasar called APM 08279+5255, which harbors a black hole 20 billion times more massive than the sun and produces as much energy as a thousand trillion suns..."

God already said it!

Thank you again Readers!

Alive by Hillsong

Made alive in Christ

2018 Give Way. Good night tune. You know I've lived my life alone, isolated by people, forgotten, brushed off, picked last, and easily dismissed. I'm thankful God doesn't treat me like that in His family. This is how I'm celebrating pride. He made me alive in Christ. Hallelujah. I'm no longer a stranger. I'm no longer far off but made near by His blood. "But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ." - Ephesians 2:4-9,13.

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