Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lost time is never found again

Out of touch, out of time...


Unfortunately, this month I had absolutely no time to do a blog.  It was a crazy, busy, working, packing, moving, last minute MONTH.  Here is a "basic breakdown" as to what I did.  You won't get my usual detailed blog with Foursquare check-ins this month:

Diebold Trip to Batesville AR (March 3).  Arkansas doesn't get snow storms like the North but they did the week I was there.  We take for granted the plows and salted roads.  They don't have them in Arkansas.  Driving was a bear.  The weather shut everything down in Arkansas and put everything behind, so I was working very late some days!

Diebold Training at Canton (March 9).  I was pulled out of the Agilis 3 training to work a Teller Automation project in Fremont OH.  Level 3 Snow Emergencies declared.  Sheriff came into businesses and told everyone to go home and stay off the roads.  I still worked and drove back and forth between 3 sites.  Not fun!  I visited Mom and Dad too.

St. Paddy's Day with Dena in Chicago (March 15).  Dena and I drove back together to Chicago after my Diebold project (Fremont OH) and spent St. Paddy's day weekend in Chicago.  We did a lot of sight-seeing, ate Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at Lou Malnati's (Wells Street) and went to the Art Institute afterwards.  She also met Kurt and Sue, some of my new friends here in Chicago.  SHE LOVED THE TRIP!

Dena commented on my driving when I was taking her around. I told her that the rule here in Chicago is "you watch the front. They watch the back. No turn signals. Sure, drive defensively but also aggressively at the same time or else you get nowhere fast." It will take some time to get used to more congested traffic here.

Plus, this will be how I'll be parking from now on...

Moving Week (687th Day, March 17).  2 years past since I made that first step moving to Chicago and Diebold. No Internet this week.

DAY 687: WHAT A MESS! Moving week!!! Two years ago today, I took that first big step when I moved to Chicago. It began when I started a new job and spent the week in San Francisco for job training. It was my last stop before starting a new life. Once again, I'll be taking another big step into Chicago Proper this week.

DAY 688: Task Rabbit complete. Kurt Poppenhouse, thank you again for recommending them. The guy came out early and we got done quickly. Boxes from walk in closet put into storage. Computer and other electronic equipment relocated at new place. Ford Fusion parked at new place. It took us 3 hours to do the work. I'll probably use then again. Tomorrow, cable installation and I'll start setting up the computer stuff.

DAY 689: Comcast has come and gone. services back online. Queued e-mail will take awhile to catch up on my LAN from DynDNS. Computer stuff and cable setup. Verizon drops my calls at my new place and I might have to change providers. I hope not. Early bed tonight. THIS WILL BE MY LAST NIGHT IN THE BURBS. Tomorrow the movers arrive and officially relocate me. It'll be the big day. Then unpacking.

Comcast decided to tell me today that they no longer support port 25 for SMTP. So in other words, I have no mailflow now and need to find a new ISP that supports home businesses. Use my gmail for email. Thanks. So, now I have to upgrade to a "business account."

DAY 690: It's started. Another chapter of "Eric failing deletions" comes to a close. Officially relocated to Chicago Proper.

DAY 691: You learn things as they happen. My apartment is a no-zone for Verizon. So, I had to splurge and install a Network Extender. Here's the other problem. The extender is dependent on GPS. I'm in a brick building on the first floor and it's hard to get a good GPS lock. My company uses Verizon just as I do for personal. So, I hope thing is steady. It's working now after finally getting a GPS lock.

I finished cleaning up my old place (bathroom, kitchen and sweeping floors).  I stopped at Home Depot in Countryside to buy a shower curtain rod. I was told that I had to buy and install my own. Ranks up there with most asinine requests. Bona for floors. +Jill Howard, thank you for the recommendation.  It worked nicely on the floors!

DAY 692: Officially unpacking!  Cleaned bathroom and hardwood floors with Bona.  I could not even take a shower without first cleaning the bathroom.  Granted, everything is new, but it was just a mess!  After unpacking the Office, Bedroom and some of the Living Room, I had my first visit from new friendly neighbors, Kurt, Sue and Hank!

DAY 700: Everything unpacked, or put into storage.  Internet services back up.  Time to start planning a Friends' Party.

The last weekend of March, I explored my new area with a neighborhood walk with Kurt and then on Saturday, March 29, we went into Lincoln Square and hung out, having drinks at the "Wild Goose," and dining at "The Bad Apple." This month was just really busy with packing/moving.  I didn't have much time to detail a blog.  Hope the pictures do some justice.

All of April will be travelling, starting with Massachusetts...


Missing Malaysian Flight. Malaysian officials say missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370’s communications systems were deliberately deactivated, and that satellite signals indicate it could have flown as far away as Kazakhstan.

Flight MH370 and the 239 people aboard have been missing for more than a week. No sign of the plane has been found, though investigators say whoever was flying the plane after it disappeared was very skilled.

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