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October 13: #!/bin/bash\declare birthday

Ten-Thirteen 1973

21:29: I was born in Wilmington NC at New Hanover Memorial Hospital.  For some reason, I don't remember it, just some stories about a Bridge being up or down near Southport en route to the hospital, lol!

"Aragorn, Frodo and the Hobbits safely cross the Bridge of Mitheithel."

Meanwhile, on that same night...
22:56: "The Alien Colonists and the Syndicate form an Alliance and Truce at El Rico Airbase.  The 'Cigarette Smoking Man' forges the alliance with the American Flag.  Each member in the Syndicate (former members of the State Dept) pledge one of their offspring to the Alien Colonists.  Bill Mulder originally had Fox Mulder in mind, but later, his daughter, Samantha was chosen for the pledge." [X-Files, Episode 6x12, "One Son"]

X-Files -- Episode 6x12 "One Son"


Last year, I was fired from a job and I admittedly "hit the bottle" that night and drank myself to an inebriated sleep.  I spent my entire birthday sleeping all day.  Around 4pm, I finally got up when my Mom called me to wish me happy birthday.  It was probably the worst birthday I ever had.  I never told my Mom, but now that it's public in the blog, SORRY MOM!  And, just to add here publicly, I'm NOT an alcoholic!


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Крокодилье время.
Даже если крокодил съел вас у вас есть два выхода.

This year, I started the first two weeks of October with Job Training in Canton OH.  It was very tough, but I got through it and passed the training on October 12 with a 91%.  After checking out of the Hotel, I drove back to my folks place in Hinckley OH and stayed the weekend there.

Diebold Education Center (DEC)

Friday night, Todd Florian took me Downtown Cleveland to the Lake Erie Monsters game in which they won against the Oklahoma Barons 2-1.  My hat is off to Todd for mustering the courage and task of driving Downtown, although I helped navigate him on I-490.  "I feel like I'm going to Broadvox!" I told him, since that was the way I went into work at the time.  I must say, but it felt awfully weird getting off at E.14th Street and passing the Halle Building!

Quicken Loans Arena

Lake Erie Monsters Game: Part I
Lake Erie Monsters vs. Oklahoma Barons at Quicken Loans Arena.

 Lake Erie Monsters Game: Part IV
Lake Erie Monsters vs. Oklahoma Barons at Quicken Loans Arena.

The game was lots of fun, including some of the fights that broke out between the two teams.  I learned what "Icing" was as well.  I'm not usually a big fan of hockey, but something about sitting in the Second Row behind the action made it all worth while and enjoyable.  The people behind us were true diehard hockey fans and regular season ticket holders.  As enjoyable as the game was, I still think the Half-Time show tops is all!  How can a guy pass up cheerleaders?

 Lake Erie Monsters Game: Cheerleaders
Lake Erie Monsters vs. Oklahoma Barons at Quicken Loans Arena.

Saturday afternoon, I took a nice walk at Hinckley Lake, walking part of the Buckeye Trail and the Loop drive back up the All-Purpose Trail and Boathouse.

When I got back to my Mom and Dad's, my Mom made a very delicious Birthday dinner for me.  We had Wine and toasted to health, family and success!  Mom's cooking is always good to come back to when your stomach misses it!  Before heading out for the night, my folks talked about coming to visit me in Chicago for Thanksgiving.  Let's hope the weather is friendly.  I told them that when I was in Chicago in January, it gets REALLY cold and windy between the buildings.  It was also nice to hear Mom tell me the famous story about my birth, which is always a nice treat.  MOM: "Yeah, I was hoping that bridge [into Wilmington] would be down the whole time on the way to the Hospital," and the story about Dad cleaning the AC and being all dirty.

Saturday night, Todd drove us all up to Bar Code on State Road and Pleasant Valley Road in Parma OH to celebrate the night.  It was good to hang out with Crystal Bogdan and Dena Brockwell!  We enjoyed some drinks and company.  Thank you for celebrating my birthday this year.  I had a great weekend with you all.  It was fortunate to be out on business in Ohio around that time, so I could linger afterwards and celebrate with some Ohio folk!  I was hoping Jackie LaPonza would be there to autograph my copy of Revolver Magazine, buuuut maybe next time I visit.

Jackie LaPonza #25 "Hottest Chicks" in Revolver

Bar Code

Crystal, Dena and I.

Dena and I.

Crystal, Todd and Dena.

I even got a special birthday card from Crystal and her "bird troupe."

On Sunday, before driving home, Crystal took me out to see her beautiful horse, Lovenote aka Snoot.  I also visited Joanne Svoboda's horse, Dillon!   It was a beautiful, Autumnous day.  Lovenote let me brush her.  She wasn't fond of the vitamins though.  Luckily, Crystal "tainted" them with a peppermint flavor to get her to eat them.  Dillon was a beautiful horse as well.  Thank you, Joanne for the new friend!

After visiting the horses, Crystal took me over to Worden's Ledges near Ledge Lake on the Fall Festival Tour around Medina County.  The Wordens were one of the first families to settle in Hinckley Township.  The event included a nice tour of the Worden homestead and some historical artifacts of that century like the Civil War.  It's amazing (to me at least) how awesome something is preserved through the years and kept today...preserved in a case even.  Just seeing it displayed behind glass gives you the chills (me at least).  So much history behind those artifacts!

Hinckley Township

There was no check-in for Worden's Ledges. Ledge Lake was the closest. 

Joanne and Dillon.

 This was the first time Lovenote wasn't photogenic for me. She was a hungered instead.

Pole Arms and Bayonets from the Civil War at the Worden's Homestead

Civil War Artifacts: Uniform Buttons and a Bullet Mould Maker

Nature Walk of Worden's Ledges -- Ledge Road. Crystal on the right.

"Do you mind!? We're busy here chewing a fence!"

After the tour, I packed the car and headed home.   Thank you for the great birthday to my folks and Ohio friends!  This will be a year to remember with you all!  I had a boastfully boisterous and better birthday bash this year!

Westgate Toll Plaza - Ohio Turnpike

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